about me

about me

Maurizio Gigola

I began my career at 16th years old , during the birth of the first private radio stations in Milan and the explosion of the of Made in Italy . I was one of the founders of Radio Montestella and I took part of many excit pioneering moments, passing through experiences in photography , directing films.documentaries and commercials. I shot the first fashion shows for some of the most important designers such as Soprani, Versace, Byblos, genny while I was working with one of the most dynamic film poduction companies in Milan: The Filmways.
I left Milan in the late '70s for San Francisco where I studied at the Academy of Arts University; At that time I produced some interviews with some popular Italians such as , Enrico Rambaldi, Uto Ughi, Nino Manfredi and many others. Back in Italy, I kept going my carreer of filmmaker and photographer. In that period I worked for few years with the maestro Luciano Emmer, realizing with him several commercials , I founded the Photos and films and I produced various spots and documentary for mostly of the Advertising Agency based in Milan. I Entered the world of consultancy directing, for PA Consulting a British firm, a communication’s Strategy branch in Italy; then I spended the next twenty years working with some of the most important companies in the industrial and financial scenario such as Fiat, Cattoilica d’assicurazione, Banco Popolare and many more. I Created in collaboration with Ogilvy, one of the first platforms of long distance learning, and I made the start up of learninglab one of the first long distance learning company . In the same year I became a partner of Psychological Associates of St. Louis (MO) for which I founded and directed DW ITALY as CEO. In 2010 I launched a number of projects with the idea to produce television formats based on storytelling about food and Italy.

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I produced my first full length doc and I’m developing a digital ecosystem

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